WORSHIP - As we worship, we desire to express our love for God, glorify Jesus and celebrate the presence of Holy Spirit.

PRAYER - Because prayer is relational communication with God, we are committed to talk with and experience God as a lifestyle, so that we can know Him more, and help to express His Kingdom here on earth as it is already expressed in heaven.

KINGDOM OF GOD - We grow in our relationship with God to expand His Kingdom.  We do this by telling other people about the good news of God’s character and who Jesus and Holy Spirit are, helping people grow in their relationship with God, and experience the power of transformation, while living the ethics of God’s Kingdom.

THE LOCAL CHURCH - God’s way of expanding the Kingdom of God is through communities of people who are following Jesus in a local church.  Our goal is to have a growing, healthy community of believers who impact those in our sphere of relationship.

APOSTLES - Because the church is founded on apostles and prophets, we believe in and embrace the office of the apostle and apostolic ministry.  Acts Fellowship is a part of an apostolic network called Harvest International Ministry.

PROPHETS - We welcome and honour prophets and prophetic ministry.  We are a prophetic people and are committed to do only what we see our Father say and do.

FAMILY - We believe in the biblical family model and are committed to its integrity and strength as a foundation for our church community.

LOVE - We are committed to live in biblical love and unity in our home, our church community, and everyone in our various relationship connections.

GRACE - Because Jesus is full of grace and truth, we are also a people who are learning to live with the awareness and impact of grace.  Grace is God’s empowering ability to do what we cannot do on our own.  Because of grace, we are saved, brought into a right standing and relationship with God, and experience healing, freedom and favour in life.

COMMUNITY GROUPS - Because God is relational and has made us to desire relationship, we create and encourage participation in community groups.  These groups make a place for acceptance, healing, restoration, training, and development.  They provide an opportunity for each person to experience the joy and fulfillment of expanding God’s Kingdom.

GENEROSITY - God is a generous God, who gave the ultimate gift of Jesus to every person.  We also develop a generous lifestyle as we joyfully give our tithes and offerings, so that the Kingdom of God can be expanded.

REVIVAL - We recognize that none of these values can be experienced and accomplished in our own ability and strength alone, so we seek to be perpetually revived and empowered by Holy Spirit.